Xyron Creative Station 900 Laminate Cartridge. DL907 (0902-01-40)

Dual side laminate cartridge fits Xyron 900 Machine and Xyron Creative Station nine inch. Laminate both sides at once with this flexible laminate cartridge. (formerly DL907-50) cartridge is nine inch wide material and 40 feet long. To be sure your cartridge fits when you receive it, check to be sure your machine says Xyron 900 on top of the machine if the original 900 machine or is the green plastic Creative Station machine to use this cartridge, otherwise, select the EZPro 60 Laminator cartridge. Also, please note when determining the quantity of your order, that the cartridge is now forty feet long. O9O2-01-40 (Replaces DL907-50) Your original cartridge could have been blue, or white, or some other color. The important thing is "Creative Station" (9 inch) or "Xyron 900" printed ON TOP of the machine. Order in quantity for the best price.

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