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Creatopia Cutz Starter UnitCreatopia Cutz Starter Unit
Creatopia Cutz Starter includes the drop in unit, and a straight blade. Other blades also available. Cuts paper and fabric. Multiple blades may be used at the same time!

Creatopia 3505-30-00$39.99
Creatopia ShapezCreatopia Shapez
Creatopia Shapez embosses, and cuts shapes. Includes die press plates and mats for embossing. Can be used with a large variety of dies up to 6 and a half inches wide, including Spellbinders, Cuttlebug, BossKut, AccuQuilt and others.

Creatopia 3506-30-00Reg : $69.99Half Price Sale! $34.99
Border Patternz Starter UnitBorder Patternz Starter Unit
Border Patternz Starter Kit unit is used with the Xyron Creatopia machine. Includes a floral border embossing design. Other borders are available too.

Creatopia 3504-30-00$19.99
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Cardmaker TypeCreatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Cardmaker Type
Perforating and scoring blade kit for Xyron Creatopia. Requires use of Creatopia Cutz Starter. This blade cartridge pack is used for Card Making, Decorative Boxes and other creative projects.

Creatopia 3505-31-00$12.99
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Wave Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Wave
2 different Wavy edge blades included with this Creatopia Cutz refill kit.

Creatopia 3505-33-00$12.99
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - StraightCreatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Straight
Two straight blades in this pack. Remember, you can use multiple blade cartridges with your Creatopia at one time depending on your project when using the Cutz feature.

Creatopia 3505-35-00$12.99
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - FunCreatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Fun
Two decorative blades in this pack. One is wavy (small waves) the other is a little less predictable squiggle.... also known as "postage" and "deckle" edges.

Creatopia 3405-34-00$12.99
Creatopia Cutz Blade Pack - ScallopCreatopia Cutz Blade Pack - Scallop
2 Scalloped edged blades in this pack. Remember, you can use multiple blade cartridges at one time with your Creatopia Cutz System! Use for scalloped edges, and scalloped strips of paper.

Creatopia 3505-32-00$12.99
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - HeartsCreatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Hearts
Patternz rollers drop into your Xyron Creatopia to emboss up to a full 12 inches wide!

Patternz - 3503-31-00$24.99
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - DotsCreatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Dots
Dots, dots, dots! Emboss full page (up to 12 inches) dot patterns using this Creatopia Dots Patternz roller set.

Patternz - 3503-33-00$24.99
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Fleur-De-LisCreatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Fleur-De-Lis
Fleur-De-Lis pattern embossing applied to your paper using this great roller set with your Creatopia System. What is that, French or something? Pretty flower? Flower Lily? In any case, it will make a nice pattern for your next project!

Patternz 3503-36-00$24.99
Creatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - SwirlsCreatopia Patternz Embossing Rollers - Swirls
These Creatopia Rollers will make swirl your next embossing project. Don't look too closely ... you're getting sleepy, sleepy.....

Patternz 3503-34-00$24.99
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - DotsCreatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Dots
Dots it! You found the dotting border rollers for your Creatopia to use with your Borderz starter kit. These three inch rollers will dot your edges with ease. Dots the truth!

Borderz 3504-32-00$8.99
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - HeartsCreatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Hearts
If you listen closely, when you use these Borderz rollers with your Creatopia machine, you can almost hear "pitty pat, pitty pat" as the heart pattern is embossed onto your page. (Listen closely though, you might even need a stethoscope). Remember, you will need the Borderz Starter Kit to use this with your Creatopia.

Borderz 3504-31-00$8.99
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - ScallopCreatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Scallop
Scallop edges. Hmm. Merriam Webster says that a scallop can be defined as: any of numerous marine bivalve lamellibranch mollusks (family Pectinidae) that have a radially ribbed shell with the edge undulated and that swim by opening and closing the valves. Another definition is: one of a continuous series of circle segments or angular projections forming a border. THAT's more like it! In any case, no sea animals were harmed in the production of this Creatopia Borderz Roller sets that you are about to buy.

Borderz 3504-36-00$8.99
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - StarsCreatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Stars
No, these rollers do not make images of famous people on your paper. They WILL however create embossed stars that have little pointy edges. You know - stars, like in the night sky? Three inches wide, just like the other Borderz choices. Use with your Creatopia Borderz Starting Kit.

Borderz 3504-33-00$8.99
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - FloralCreatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Floral
"What pretty edges!" "Did you make this?" "Wow, I didn't even know a Xyron machine could do that?" Those are just samples of possible reactions from your friends should you choose to buy this Floral Borderz roller set for your Creatopia. Well, actually you have to buy it first and then use it! Works with the Starter kit, remember.

Borderz 3504-35-00$8.99
Creatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Paw PrintsCreatopia Borderz Embossing Rollers - Paw Prints
Very sorry to say this, but you won't hear anyone say "Awww... that's so cute, there's little paw prints at the edge of your card, that is SO cute!" if you DON'T use this Borderz roller set for your Creatopia. Now if you do want to hear your friend get all cutesy voiced and smiley, you'll buy this item. All in all, it is well worth the enjoyment you will spread to the world. Be sure your friends fall in love with your Creatopia projects. Three inch wide pattern, just like the other border rollers, but remember, you have to use it with your Xyron Borderz Starter Kit.

Borderz 3504-34-00$8.99

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