Magnet Making cartridge. Fits Xyron 510, 505, 503

Making magnets is easy with your Xyron 510 magnet cartridge. Also works with the Xyron 505. Just insert your magnet-to-be and turn the handle. Instant magnets! You'll have fun. The kids will have fun. Be creative and make your own designs on paper, then turn 'em into a magnet. For the fridge, for the file cabinet. Cartridge is 7' long and 5 inches wide, and you can use as much or as little as you like at a time. Laminates the top while putting a magnet backing on your item. Fits all Xyron 510 machines, including the 5 inch Creative Station and 510 Office Station.

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Magnet cartridge. Fits Xyron 510, 505, 503 LM1601-7$24.99

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