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Xyron Stickermaker craft machines can turn your item into a sticker. Instantly. Just turn the handle. Being non-electric, it's safe enough to use anywhere. And portable enough to take anywhere.

The Xyron's three main functions are making stickers, laminating, and making magnets. You can even make laminated stickers. Plus, you have choices in the stickiness of your stickers with permanent adhesive and removable adhesive options available.

Crafters can use stickers in a variety of ways, of course, but you might be amazed at the ways the Xyrons are used in the business world. Many people are using the Xyron machine to make laminated labels for bath and beauty products. Others create personalized candy bar labels for events such as weddings and graduation parties.

Which Xyron to Choose?

When deciding which size Xyron to purchase, first consider the maximum anticipated size you'd likely process. If you never use 12 by 12 or 11 by 17 paper, the Xyron 900 is your best choice. No need to use the Xyron 1200 unless you anticipate using the larger size items such as menu size paper (11"X17"). The 900 model process items up to 9" wide, so even a legal size paper (8"x14")works just fine, because it's not the length, but the width that counts. You could even make a banner size sticker. (Or magnet, or laminate).

For the kids, or for smaller items, consider the Xyron 510 model. It's very portable and does everything the larger Xyrons do, but only up to five inches wide.

If you ONLY want to make smaller stickers, and don't need the complete features of the previously mentioned Xyron machines, consider the limited function 150X (one and a half inches wide), 250 (2" wide), and 500 models of the "Create-A-Sticker" line of Xyron products. While these only make stickers, they are the perfect low cost sticker machine for kids.

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