Xyron 900 Sticker Maker - Laminator

  • Xyron 900 Stickermaker Machine (Includes Perm. Adhesive preloaded, but uses laminate refills too!)

    Xyron 900 Creative Station is a multi purpose sticker maker and includes 25 feet of permanent adhesive. Optional cartridges allow for laminating at the same time as making a sticker, and you can even make magnets! Processes items up to nine inches wide. (Remember, standard paper is 8 inches wide) New feature for the Xyron machine - removable cutting tool! Non Electric, heat free and safe for:
  • Scrapbookers & Rubber Stampers
  • Home Crafters
  • Offices
  • Schools and Day Care Centers
  • Creative and Graphic Design Departments

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    (Optional - Choose the Basic 900 without any preloaded adhesive and SAVE $29)


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    Xyron Pro XM1255 Supply


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