Xyron 900 KIT w/extra refills

Make stickers, laminate or make magnets. Change the cartridge as needed. Finish items up to 9 inches wide and any length. The Xyron 900 system makes it simple to produce your own labels. Or, laminate your items to protect them from spills, etc. Many people find the magnet maker capability of the Xyron 900 machine to be the best feature. Your photos easily posted on the refrigerator perhaps? Great package. Scrapbooker? You'll really like this machine. Great price. Creative Station Kit package not found in stores.

Xyron 900 Kit includes all of the following items:
  • Xyron EZP900 Machine
  • AT905 Permanent Adhesive Sticker - 25 Feet
  • AT906-40 Repositionable Adhesive - 40 Feet
  • DL907 Laminate Refill (Dual Side) - 40 Feet
  • LM907-10 Magnet Refill (Magnet back/Laminate Top) - 10 Feet

    Everything you need to get started using the multi function 9 inch Xyron machine.

    (Upgrade to NEW 2015 Creative Station with all the same cartridges for just $29 more!)

    Great gift idea! ................. Make Stickers!................. Laminate! ................. Make Magnets! Xyron.

    XRN9KValued over: $200.00Xyron 9 Inch Kit Price: $199.00Kit Type:: 

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