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Xyron 900 Creative Station Sticker Maker uses the improved drop-in cartridge design for easy cartridge changes. Make stickers one minute, laminate the next. You can even make magnets. All up to 9 inches wide! Other machines and cartridges available include the Xyron 1200 , 850 , 510 Creative Station , 500 and 150 models!

Creative Station 9 Inch / 5 Inch - BRAND NEW DESIGN!Creative Station 9 Inch / 5 Inch - BRAND NEW DESIGN!
Brand New Design! Xyron Creative Station. Now uses 9 inch AND 5" refills! Improved lighweight, sleek design. Make stickers, laminate or make magnets five inches wide, or nine inches wide.

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Xyron 900 Sticker Maker - LaminatorXyron 900 Sticker Maker - Laminator
  • Xyron 900 Stickermaker Machine (Includes Perm. Adhesive preloaded, but uses laminate refills too!)

    Xyron 900 Creative Station is a multi purpose sticker maker and includes 25 feet of permanent adhesive. Optional cartridges allow for laminating at the same time as making a sticker, and you can even make magnets! Processes items up to nine inches wide. (Remember, standard paper is 8 inches wide) New feature for the Xyron machine - removable cutting tool! Non Electric, heat free and safe for:
  • Scrapbookers & Rubber Stampers
  • Home Crafters
  • Offices
  • Schools and Day Care Centers
  • Creative and Graphic Design Departments

    Check for other Xyron 900 machine packages and cartridge supplies here.

    (Optional - Choose the Basic 900 without any preloaded adhesive and SAVE $29)

  • Xyron 900 Creative Station Repositionable Adhesive Cartridge. AT906-40Xyron 900 Creative Station Repositionable Adhesive Cartridge. AT906-40
    Xyron 900 Adhesive Cartridge. (AT906-40) Repositionable / Removable type adhesive cartridge for Xyron 900 machine and 9" Xyron Creative Station. Applies Acid free adhesive that is repositionable. Great for stencils! Scrapbookers use this refill for many applications including intarsia and quilting. Nine inches wide and 40 feet long. Buy in quantity for the best prices on Xyron 900 refills.

    (Please note, this item is OUT of STOCK and not expected to be shipping until 2024)

    Xyron 900 Creative Station Permanent Adhesive Cartr. AT905-40Xyron 900 Creative Station Permanent Adhesive Cartr. AT905-40
    Permanent adhesive Xyron 900 nine inch Creative Station sticker maker cartridge fits Xyron 900 machine. Hi tack, acid free adhesive refill. AT905-40 permanent adhesive refill cartridges are the Xyron stickermaker choice for Scrapbookers for making stickers. Nine inches wide by 40 feet long.

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    AT905-40$44.95, 2/$79.98
    Xyron Creative Station 900 Laminate Cartridge. DL907 (0902-01-40)Xyron Creative Station 900 Laminate Cartridge. DL907 (0902-01-40)
    Dual side laminate cartridge fits Xyron 900 Machine and Xyron Creative Station nine inch. Laminate both sides at once with this flexible laminate cartridge. (formerly DL907-50) cartridge is nine inch wide material and 40 feet long. To be sure your cartridge fits when you receive it, check to be sure your machine says Xyron 900 on top of the machine if the original 900 machine or is the green plastic Creative Station machine to use this cartridge, otherwise, select the EZPro 60 Laminator cartridge. Also, please note when determining the quantity of your order, that the cartridge is now forty feet long. O9O2-01-40 (Replaces DL907-50) Your original cartridge could have been blue, or white, or some other color. The important thing is "Creative Station" (9 inch) or "Xyron 900" printed ON TOP of the machine. Order in quantity for the best price.

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    Xyron 900 Creative Station Magnet Cartridge Refill. LM907-10Xyron 900 Creative Station Magnet Cartridge Refill. LM907-10
    Xyron Magnet refill ( LM907-10 ) Make Magnet backed items with this cartridge. Top is simultaneously laminated. Magnet Laminate combination cartridge fits Xyron 900 machine and is 10' long. Xyron 900 Magnet Cartridges make magnets up to 8" wide. For Xyron 900 and Xyron 9" Creative Station.

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    LM907-10 $49.95 $49.95, 4/$159.80
    Xyron 900 KIT w/extra refillsXyron 900 KIT w/extra refills
    Make stickers, laminate or make magnets. Change the cartridge as needed. Finish items up to 9 inches wide and any length. The Xyron 900 system makes it simple to produce your own labels. Or, laminate your items to protect them from spills, etc. Many people find the magnet maker capability of the Xyron 900 machine to be the best feature. Your photos easily posted on the refrigerator perhaps? Great package. Scrapbooker? You'll really like this machine. Great price. Creative Station Kit package not found in stores.

    Xyron 900 Kit includes all of the following items:
  • Xyron EZP900 Machine
  • AT905 Permanent Adhesive Sticker - 25 Feet
  • AT906-40 Repositionable Adhesive - 40 Feet
  • DL907 Laminate Refill (Dual Side) - 40 Feet
  • LM907-10 Magnet Refill (Magnet back/Laminate Top) - 10 Feet

    Everything you need to get started using the multi function 9 inch Xyron machine.

    (Upgrade to NEW 2015 Creative Station with all the same cartridges for just $29 more!)

    Great gift idea! ................. Make Stickers!................. Laminate! ................. Make Magnets! Xyron.

    XRN9KValued over: $200.00Xyron 9 Inch Kit Price: $199.00Kit Type:: 

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