Xyron Refill Cartridges

Xyron has cartridge supplies for all types of situations. Change your project? Change the cartridge! Here are the following types of cartridges available from Stickermaker.com:

Stickermaking cartridges:
  • AT1101 -50 (Fits Xyron 1200)
  • AT1105-50 (Fits Xyron 1200)
  • AT205 -50 (Fits Xyron 850)
  • AT206 -50 (Fits Xyron 850)
  • AT905 -40 (Fits Xyron 900)
  • AT906 -40 (Fits Xyron 900)
  • AT1605 -18 (Fits Xyron 505 Xyron 510)
  • AT1606 -18 (Fits Xyron 505 & Xyron 510)
  • AT1505 -18 (Fits Xyron 500)
  • AT1506 -18 (Fits Xyron 500)
  • AT256 -20 (Fits Xyron 250)
  • AT255 -20 (Fits Xyron 250)
  • AT155 -20 (Fits Xyron 150)
  • AT156 -20 (Fits Xyron 150)

    Laminating Cartridges:

  • EZLaminator Refill Cartridge EZPro60 (Fits ALL EZLaminator machines)

  • DL1101 -100 (Fits Xyron 1200)
  • DL201 -100 (Fits Xyron 850)
  • DL907 (Fits Xyron 900)
  • DL1601 -18 (Fits Xryon 510 & 505)

    Magnet Making Cartridges:
  • LM201 -12 (Fits Xyron 850)
  • LM907 -10 (Fits Xyron 900)
  • LM1601 -7 (Fits Xryon 505 & 510)

    Stickermaker/Laminate Combo Cartridges:
  • LAT1101 -50 (Fits Xyron 1200)
  • LAT1106 -50 (Fits Xyron 1200)
  • LAT201 -50 (Fits Xyron 850)
  • LAT975 -25 (Fits Xyron 900)
  • LAT976 -25 (Fits Xyron 900)
  • MLAT1605 -18 (formerly LAT1605-15)(Fits Xyron 505 & 510)
  • LAT1606 -15 (Fits Xyron 505 & 510)

  • Xyron Supply DescriptionsXyron Supply Descriptions
    Laminator - Stickermaker - Magnetmaker

    Xyron cartridge item codes (eg. AT905-40) can be deciphered as follows.....
    The number after the dash (if there is one) is the length of material in the cartridge - 50 feet in the example above. Full size cartridge lengths typically range from 10 feet to 100 feet.

  • "AT" Stands for Adhesive Transfer. Also known as the stickermaker cartridge. The term adhesive transfer is used because when using this cartridge, the adhesive is transferred to the back of your item.

  • "LAT" Indicates Laminate top, Adhesive Transfer backing. May also be referred to as a combination cartridge for the two features it combines.

  • "EZ" indicates the cartridge will fit any Xyron EZLaminator product.

  • "DL" is Double or Dual, Laminate. This is regular, encapsulating lamination - top and bottom. It protects your item on both sides.

  • "SL" is Single side Laminate. This type of cartridge is no longer produced.

  • "LM" is used for the Laminate / Magnet cartridges. A laminate top is applied while a magnetic backing is applied.

    The numbers used in the product code can also give you a clue as to the type of material. Typically the digit "5" toward the beginning or middle of the code number (i.e. AT905-40)indicates that the adhesive is Acid Free as well as being Hi Tack, or Permanent, adhesive. The digit "6" means that the adhesive is Removable and Repositionable (i.e. AT906-40 or AT1506-18)

  • Making Stickers - Information

    Our Area of Expertise

    At KM Services / Stickermaker.com we sell the Xyron Sticker Machines exclusively. We do not carry sign making or decal printing equipment. The Xyron Sticker Machine may be what you are looking for if you are able to print your own artwork, or are looking to further finish your completed item. Depending on your use, the output from the Xyron machine will need to be trimmed, or punched separate from the sticker making process. All true Xyron machines are currently non-electric. Xyrons do not connect to the computer nor print anything. Xyrons are, however, very portable.

    Indoor Stickers & Scrapbook Stickers

    Xyron stickermaking equipment is great for this type of sticker making. With acid free adhesive available, you can make your own stickers from computer printouts, children's drawings, photos, diecuts, etc.

    Bumper stickers

    To make long lasting bumper stickers, they have to be waterproof. While the Xyron sticker machine will apply an adhesive (hi tack) that will stick and stay stuck, you also need to have your artwork printed on waterproof paper stock. Most of the time, you'll be better off using a different system for bumper sticker making, as we do not recommend the Xyron machine for Bumper Stickers. Sign making equipment is often a good choice for large quantities of bumper stickers. Vinyl cutters and dye sublimation printers are the type of things you may want to check out.

    As explained above, for larger quantities of duplicate stickers, you may want to contact a promotional items dealer, or locate equipment that will print and cut your desired decals to the required size and shape. By promotional stickers, we mean that you are having hundreds, and maybe thousands of imprinted stickers made with your name to promote your business or organization. Projects that require promotional decals, or stickers, are best done by dealers specializing in the sales of promotional products, or imprinted products.

    So if you are considering the Xyron Sticker Maker machines , remember that it is non electric and does not print stickers. It will make a sticker from anything flat that you have, and it's a great machine for the right uses - usually short run, small quantities - but it does not make computerized stickers or vinyl decals. It is not a label printer, and not recommended for outdoor stickers or large run custom labels. Remember, the Xyron is safe to use for anyone, so it uses no heat and no electricity. It is hand cranked!

    Custom Magnets

    One of the cartridges for the Xyron will make custom magnets (refrigerator magnets) from your own artwork. To make a custom magnet, just cut your item and roll it throught the machine. It really is that easy. If however, the custom magnets you need must be high quality, professionally printed, or large quantities, you'll want to look up a promotional products dealer to make your magnets. Amazingly, we have customers who make individual magnets with artwork from a variety of sources, and sell them online! (Be sure to check for trademark problems before you do this type of venture. A trademark attorney will be able to guide you away from any legal issues involved in selling stickers or magnets that you make.)

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