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Xyron cartridge item codes (eg. AT905-40) can be deciphered as follows.....
The number after the dash (if there is one) is the length of material in the cartridge - 50 feet in the example above. Full size cartridge lengths typically range from 10 feet to 100 feet.

  • "AT" Stands for Adhesive Transfer. Also known as the stickermaker cartridge. The term adhesive transfer is used because when using this cartridge, the adhesive is transferred to the back of your item.

  • "LAT" Indicates Laminate top, Adhesive Transfer backing. May also be referred to as a combination cartridge for the two features it combines.

  • "EZ" indicates the cartridge will fit any Xyron EZLaminator product.

  • "DL" is Double or Dual, Laminate. This is regular, encapsulating lamination - top and bottom. It protects your item on both sides.

  • "SL" is Single side Laminate. This type of cartridge is no longer produced.

  • "LM" is used for the Laminate / Magnet cartridges. A laminate top is applied while a magnetic backing is applied.

    The numbers used in the product code can also give you a clue as to the type of material. Typically the digit "5" toward the beginning or middle of the code number (i.e. AT905-40)indicates that the adhesive is Acid Free as well as being Hi Tack, or Permanent, adhesive. The digit "6" means that the adhesive is Removable and Repositionable (i.e. AT906-40 or AT1506-18)

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